Monday, October 05, 2009

Leatherface Comics

After rewatching Leatherface this week for Halloween Horrors I dragged out the comics series adapting the film from Northstar Comics. Splattery to say the least, this series is bizarre-but intriguing to fans of the film and especially of interest to me since I've never read the original Schow script.
The first issue features art by Kirk Jarvinen and is very close to the opening of the film, but features some great dialogue that I'm imagining came from the original screenplay. Check out 'fredo in action.

The series then takes a really odd turn as the artwork is taken over by Guy Burwell. This change is jarring, and Burwell is perfectly good at what he does, but it feels totally uneven given the first issue. Also, scripter Mort Castle changed up the very way the adaptation was being done, adding captions and even odder-an inner monologue for Leatherface.
While it is fun and I really enjoy it as a peek into the original early drafts of a movie I really like, it stands as more of an obscure footnote in TCM history than anything else. Here are a few key bits....enjoy and click for bigger images.

promo art for #3
an example of 'face's dialogue...blah.

I love this line!!
a short version of the original ending
The little girl doing the killing in this scene is removed, but it sure brings on the gore.An excellent Vince Locke promo piece for the Northstar Adaptation of TCM that was not released.

I want this shirt...and the mask too!

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