Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Japanese VHS Covers Archive #8

Time for more Japanese VHS sleeves, and a good batch this is! First up, THE DEVIL'S VEIL, which is the Lamberto Bava Mask of Satan film. The tape is in Italian with Japanese subtitles, but I did finally catch a subbed copy more recently. With The Ogre getting released, I wish someone would have taken the time to put this film out instead. It has lots of good scenes, a paper thin plot, a great score and manages to mix the Mario Bava film with skiing as well.

Cobra Mission (sadly, NOT the full color version that resides in Castle Banzai!)

Cobra Mission 2

Arabella, The Black Angel (one of my favorite mega sleazers-optically censored but in English!)

The Shatterer


Vendaval Este said...

The Devil's Veil, I've seen this Japanese VHS fetch quite a price, it does look kinda creepy too!

Jeremy V. said...

Holy crap, I've been looking for the Devil's Veil VHS cover for months.

I just want to thank you immensely cause this cover is hard as HELL to find. Thanks!