Monday, March 09, 2009

Mircalla-The Cauldron Of Flesh

Recently I've been getting back at projects left unfinished-thanks to my new pair of external drives (geez-1.5 TB of space!). One that may be of interest to readers of this blog is an outline for a graphic novel entitled MIRCALLA-THE CAULDRON OF FLESH. At the time this was put together the artist that I'd given it to was working at (the decidedly adult) Eros Comix and was producing some AMAZING work there. It didn't work out thanks to a number of real life factors, but the story stuck with me. I was really sad to think it was lost actually-but an old disc drive in a file cabinet revealed it was still around...might as well store it someplace public.

I'd never really tried to imagine a full on porn/adult opus, but couldn't resist taking a shot at it. My love for Jess Franco, Jean Rollin and other things of a nasty naughty nature is on full show for sure. Also, that artists amazing eye for the weird and sexy drove me on at every turn and gave me a new perspective on the stuff I loved to read and write.
In Mircalla:The Cauldron Of Flesh we have Orloff, Morpho, Radek and many more characters popping up, busting out, and doing various things on, in, around and to each other.

It has been about 5 years since this was jotted down, and if you are reading it do keep in mind it was an outline for an artist to interpret. This artist is FAR more visual than I am, so it certainly leaves certain elements out. But I have to say-this 10 page outline is something I would not change at all. Amazing, because I'm usually one to revise something continually.

The adult comic market is most likely a dead issue these days, but if you ever wondered what a guy with a ton of European Sex and Trash films under his belt would imagine popping OVER his belt and on to the page would look like-here it is.

Be advised...this is ADULT stuff. Not adult as in MATURE, but ADULT. Ahem...I would say I'm not proud of this somewhat scandalous bit of writing, but that would make me a liar-and I wouldn't lie to you. I was very tempted to touch it up, but passed on that, because the stuff I found the most flawed were the bits I enjoyed most while reading it over.

Turn on your smoke machine and imagine some of this stuff in pulsing, throbbing, sweating sequential sexploitation of the imagination...

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