Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Jess Franco at the Goya Awards

I've been a Jess Franco fan for a long time...probably as long as I've been aware that I liked European Trash Cinema. There are lots of online clips that get passed around to inspire people...but THIS is something that works for me. Jess Franco has been marginalized for much of his career, had his films poorly presented on video for as long as video has existed as a viable format for home entertainment and struggled to shoot films, even using the cheapest possible technologies.

This is what a lifetime of work should come to. Jess and Lina look happy and this makes me smile and inspires me to never fear plugging away. Now, did anyone think that they would be standing here while they were shooting Sadomania? I bet not, but the Jess Franco filmography is part of the cult film universe and always will be. Enjoy!

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