Monday, January 05, 2009

Women In Prison! Posters! WOW!

Ah...the joys of being a trash film fanatic under stress never end. Sure, we are buying our first home this week. I've got to pack so much stuff up that the mind boggles and wobbles with questions such as "how did I get 4 DVDs of Bruce Li In New Guinea??"

So...I'm listening to the Yor Soundtrack, breathing deeply and now-I present you with my favorite diversion over lunch. Movie posters-and nothing says stress relief like WOMEN IN PRISON films. Sure, it is hardly a deep topic, but the movies are usually entertaining and the posters are even better! Women, fury, fisticuffs and showers are a cinematic stew that can not be denied-a global exploitation film staple and a concept that has generated some fantastic posters. ENJOY!

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