Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The 999 Challenge!

After seeing my friend Holger take the 999 Challenge on his Hammer Blog, I thought it would be a fun challenge to bend to my own blogging habits. Since I can cover any form of media at any time-I think this gives me a certain amount of leeway.

So, what is the challenge? Holger explains it better, but basically you are to take 9 items from 9 genres in 2009. Deceptively simple if you ask me...because it really will stretch your free time and make you focus more with your usual free time diversions. I need some focus...

So, here is what I'm going to do.

1) 9 Jess Franco films that I have already viewed more than twice. (Every time I revisit a Franco after a few years-and several other films-they tend to inform each other. I'm going to revisit some favorites and see what has changed.)

2) 9 Videogames that are not First Person Shooters. (I play a lot of shooters and love the genre-so it is time to go for something different. RPG, Racing, Casual gaming...we'll see what pops up.)

3) 9 complete runs of horror comics produced between 2001 and 2009. (I have had a lot of trouble connecting to many recent comics-but with some searching, I bet I could locate nine series that would be interesting. For my purposes, mini-series are going to count as one, though I won't cheap out and simply read a bunch of 30 Days Of Night books. The art might make my eyes bleed if I did.)

4) 9 British Horror films. (I'm fairly weak on my britsploitation knowledge. This won't change that fact at all, but may shovel a little sand in to the tide of my ignorance.)

5) 9 Eurospy films that I have not seen. (So many to catch up with, this should be easy!)

6) 9 Peplum Films. (I have a 50 pack that is only 1/3 watched!)

7) 9 Spaghetti Westerns (There are dozens piled up in my backlog)

8) 9 Guy N. Smith novels

9) I'm wondering if actually creating a work of fiction in 9 parts would count. I'll ask those involved and see if it does. If so, then I'll post a 9 part story in 2009. If not...I'm sure I can find something else!

Anyone else interested, I'll be keeping up with how this will all be tracked and keep everyone posted. If you are in...let me know!

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