Thursday, August 28, 2008

OMAC and The World Of VideoGaming...That's Coming!

Starting next week I'm going to add a little more mangle to my media as I start to write actual video game reviews. Now, you may think that VideoGaming and Jess Franco don't mix, but for me they certainly do. I've been a gamer most of the time one could be. I snuck out to Sears to play the Atari 2600 until my parents finally gave in. I had the ColecoVision Rocky Boxing Glove controller-and I've tried most every console there was. I have virtual memories of some of my favorite adventures (damn that end of the first disc in Final Fantasy 7 was a mindbender)-and I think I can offer a solid perspective that retains my own sense of fun.
Eurotrasher meet Videogamer (or Eurotrash PixelPounder as my Yahoo group is named).
As an intro to this once weekly feature I have to share these pages from the Jack Kirby classic OMAC. Kirby was always ahead of the curve, his imagination was so huge that he really could dream up stuff that would one day happen-even in somewhat altered form. As I finished TOO HUMAN this week I had a Kirby flash of these pages and I hope you dig them.
Check out the GRENDL trailer from Too Human after the pages, and be sure to click the images for readable scans.

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Steven said...

I always liked how that GRNDL animation looked a little 'off', in the same way Harryhausen's work looks. I wish more video game animation was like that.