Friday, June 20, 2008

VERY VERY Close Encounters Of The Gariazzo Kind

After the magnificence of EYES BEHIND THE STARS, directed by Mario Gariazzo and covered here, unspooled before my eyes I was utterly fascinated to see the other Roy Garrett alien film made that year.
And now I have... and though it really isn't anywhere as great as Eyes Behind The Stars, it is also nothing like that film.
Nope, this is a sex comedy that dares ask the question..."do they fuck?"
Worth watching? Sure... but here are the highlights if you don't need to track it down!

A semi-hot teacher talks about aliens at the above Scientific Instiution... and a crew of three space loving geeks are more concerned about the sex habits of the alien life forms they are studying. The semi hot teacher kicks them out of class. But they bump in to something AMAZING!!

HOLY SHIT! An Italian one sheet for this wild and cool film by some director named Mario Gariazzo! EYES BEHIND THE STARS!! Go see it sex comedy fans!!

Hmm...three of them...THREE OF US! Let us pretend to be aliens my geeky Eurotrashy Friends. LET US BE LAID LIKE WE ARE FROM BEHIND THE STARS!!


The teacher and her hot friend are stunned to see ALIENS land by their little villa.

And what aliens these three are. They pull off an elaborate hoax involving fireworks, music and rubber tubing to get the women out of their clothes. What mystifies me though, is what does this subtitle mean??

They get tired from all the sex, so Aliens EAT EVERYTHING IN THE FRIDGE!!

The ladies can entertain themselves though. Very well by the way.

But, Aliens need love too, and they get plenty. Until...

The ruse is revealed and everyone humps happily ever after. Personally, I'd rather see the rubber costume on that dude on the left.


While it is indeed simple and not very funny... I found this a real treat to watch. A perfect after Eyes Behind The Stars shot of EuroTRASH!


Anonymous said...

it looks like a classic triple x film, but there seems to be a softer side to it. Looks interesting enough though.

David A. Zuzelo said...

It is indeed very much like an old adult flick, but keeps things softcore. Pleasant viewing though, more funny for simply existing than anything it does. The cross promoting between this and Eyes Behind The Stars just fascinates me!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD. That looks like so much fun.