Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jungle Of Fear footage!

One of the more interesting unfinished films from the Jess Franco catalog, Jungle Of Fear, has had a little bit of footage posted up on YouTube! Here we go...

Very interesting, I would love to check out the complete work print sometime. No sound? No problem! This film would be just a few years before Tender Flesh and serve as a nice bridge between his late 80's action films and the One Shot Productions period.

More can be found at the LOVELOCK AND LOAD forum at this post.

Now, can someone please find me anything from Sida, la peste de siglo XX? Not that I'm not thrilled to see Jungle Of Fear being circulated in any form, but can anyone NOT want to know what a 1986 AIDSploitation film by Jess Franco could be like?

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Robert Monell said...

I have a 120 plus workprint w English language soundtrack. The sound is crude but you can understand the dialogue. It needs final mixing and Franco wanted to reshoot some scenes, but it has a beginning, middle and end. A pretty interesting Jungle Adventure in Franco's style and with a very humorous tone. Worth seeing.

I think that Eurocine has AIDS/SIDA, or at least some elements.