Monday, February 18, 2008

Paura Productions At SexGoreMutants

Good buddy of The Tomb, Mike Baronas, has given an exhaustive interview about his upcoming Lucio Fulci memorial DVD and his time at Shriek Show over at SexGoreMutants. This is a great read and talks about the first big burst of Eurotrash on DVD from a unique perspective.
And hey, he recorded the WORST commentary according to this list. If you folks only knew the story... certainly not any fault of Mike by the way.

Don't forget to get your copy of PAURA as soon as possible by going HERE.

Also at SexGoreMutants you can check out a positive review of the dvd for LUCKER THE NECROPHAGOUS. I feel a little odd reviewing it, being so close to the film and all-but I agree with everything said here. Check it out.

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Billy George said...

Ive gotta get the story on that commentary sometime Z. The copies with it intact must be collectors items by now. How bad could it have been?