Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I AM OMEGA!! The Asylum Strikes Again!

I've been a long time fan of The Asylum... from KILLERS and JANE WHITE IS SICK AND TWISTED through SNAKES ON A TRAIN, HILLSIDE CANNIBALS and even TRANSMORPHERS. So with great excitement I have to share the trailer to the I AM LEGEND carbonization with kung fu... I AM OMEGA.

Marc Dacascos plus Armageddon Zombies? I'm so there. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Glory 'B' that has two guaranteed sales. Nice pick up & Thanks for the movie clip share :) . Paul


David A. Zuzelo said...

Thanks Paul...looks great doesn't it??
Wow, a Dacascos fansite. By the way, did you play STRANGLEHOLD for Xbox360 yet? The sequel to Hard Boiled with Chow Yun-Fat facing..yes...Marc Dacascos!!

Anonymous said...

That clip really does look good YES :) . Holding out for Stranglehold for my PS3 ... Pre-Ordered Halo 3 for the X-Box 360 though ... heck knows why though - they collect dust as finding time to play is so difficult !!!. All Good Fun though ... one day ... one day :) . Paul

PS: Did you check your Yahoo for a Two Top Tony 'Bay Tang MUST Have !?.

Dan said...

To say that I'm 10 zillion times more excited to see this than the one starring The Fresh Prince is the understatement of the year!