Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Christina Lindberg in ADAM FILM WORLD

Here are some scans from an issue of Adam Film World that had a great feature on Christina Lindberg. Not really THRILLER related, so it doesn't go in to the archive posts. Enjoy! I don't know exactly where these scans came from, so much thanks to the original poster of them, wherever you may be!

Click the thumbnails and check out the interview (and bigger pictures of course). They sure don't make adult mag ads like they used to by the way!!


Joe D said...

What a cool post, just seeing the ads brought back memories of those men's magazines. The more you post of Christina, the better, she's incredible. Have you seen Exposed? How is it?

Donna Lethal said...

Needham?! I love those ads, esp because the addresses of some of them aren't too far from me here in LA (the city with no marshmallow fluff.)

Christina Lindberg rules!