Monday, July 23, 2007

Thriller - A Cruel Picture / They Call Her One Eye Archive 16

This one took a little figuring out...but hopefully everyone will enjoy this. These are captures from original slides of a sequence that was deleted from Thriller-A Cruel Picture thanks to a mistake at the lab. Seems they didn't understand that the film was shot in super slow motion and wrecked the work. This was certainly a set back, and it appears that it was quickly replaced by the infamous (and awesome) warehouse battle. The images are fairly large, so I had to split it into three slideshows for hosting purposes. Enjoy!!

Part 1 (note the Vibenius cameo as The Hotdog Vendor!)

Part 2 (The asskicking continues-excellent fight choreography in this sequence and Christina worked with Lars Lundgren extensively)

Part 3 (The Raging Conclusion!)

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Douglas Alan Waltz said...

This is pretty cool, David. You'll have to tell me how you did this one. Oh and I got Anita in the mail yesterday to review for one of the sites I work for. Life is good.