Monday, July 02, 2007

It is good to be...David Z

A wee break as I gear up for more explicit fun with Thriller, Breaking Point and The Darkness (the game, not the band)... but I have to pause and thank some folks.
I've been a proud participant over the last year of the Horror Roundtable at The Horror Blog (which just rocks...the end!). The last few weeks have been shaky with the arrival of our new daughter Isabella and my newfound dedication to enjoying writing for EAGLE LIVES, a website devoted to Neil Vokes' kung fu n' SF action comic. But Steven is ALWAYS patient and gets me in there when I waver-which is always appreciated. Last Friday the usual pang of guilt hit me in the noggin' and I kept popping over to see what I failed to turn in. And found...this!
The Horror Roundtable and David Z

Wild and much appreciated... thanks to all you fellas.

But there is more. A "Thinking Blogger Award" showed up in my mailbox as well, thanks to Jeremy at Moon In The Gutter! Now, I'm of the opinion that this is a just part of my obsessive compulsive hobby as a trash culture fan-but it really makes me happy in a way I can't describe to think that people actually read and try out some of the things I find. And I'm thankful for each and every one that reads. Heck, even if you don't agree with my biased assessments (my enthusiasm does get the better of my critical senses by the way)-I try to share as much information as possible. I'll be back in the swing of Tomb It May Concern shortly, I've found a lot more Thriller stuff (some stuff appeared on a CD burned in 2001 that my wife stumbled on yesterday) and I'll finish up the Breaking Point post with a cast list and more facts n' fun about this crazed action/horror/porn/swedesploitation classick.

But the best part of the concept of Thinking Blogger Awards is that we get to share MORE sites that we love-and there is no shortage of that on the web for me. Here are 5 that I enjoy every day. So here we go...or better yet, here YOU go! But first, the rules for The Thinking Blogger Award!

Anyway, here are the original rules for the award:

1. If, and only if your blog is one that is tagged on my list below, you must write a post with links to five other blogs you like that consistently make you think (hence, the Thinking Blogger’s Award).

2. Link to this post so people will know whose good idea all this was. (see above)

3. Proudly display the “Thinking Blogger Award” logo with a link to the post you wrote.

Can do, these are not numbered or in any order-I love 'em all.

-The TRASH CINEMA Review is a wonderful and heartfelt look at odd films of the type I enjoy the most. EuroAction, Bruno Mattei, a wild top 100 and a KILL FILM CRITICS attitude make this blog a fun read. Besides, anyone that reviews Strike Commando 2 and Snapdragon (with Pamela Anderson) is good people in the book of David Z.

-The Groovy Age Of Horror is a true web phenom. Curt Purcell brings paperback scholarship to a new level. I've hunted down a lot of the books he features, and my free time would be less satisfying without this site. Truly a blog that is both passionate and willing to go beyond the covers of the best and worst of the written word. Never dull...always essential. If you aren't reading this (or say to yourself that you don't have time to read books anymore)-you HAVE to poke around Curt's dominion of domination.

-Yakuza here is a genre I don't know nearly enough about-and this nifty site has tons of good information and images. The poster pages are jaw dropping and the reviews are both honest and enthusiastic for the genre. Check it out!

-Bruno Mattei On Myspace! This counts as a blog because it is updated frequently and is an obvious labor of love. More Mattei than any other site I've encountered, this is the number 1 place I go in the endless sucking pit of Myspace. Hey, it has a blog attached no less! It makes me think about how much I love trashy European films...and Bruno Mattei!

-GamePolitics is a great read and covers some serious issues with a dose of humor. As a fairly hardcore gamer I find myself checking this page every day.

There are tons of other blogs I frequent of course, many of which are already tagged with this award...but my day would not be complete without a trip to Cinebeats, Bookgasm and damn near any other blog in my sidebar. Check them out!!

See you soon with more BREAKING POINT!


Curt Purcell said...

Thanks Dave--I actually gave you one of these too, umbrella'd under the ETP Collective--you are the sensei!

David A. Zuzelo said... know I was just digging the ETP getting an award! Thank ya sir...