Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thriller-A Cruel Picture / They Call Her One Eye Archive Post 8

Here is a poster for Vibenius' film for children, Hur Marie Traffade Fredrik Asnan Rebus Kangurun Ploj och...

This is the picture that is responsible for Thriller-A Cruel Picture even coming into being. After receiving critical praise, the film did very badly at the box office. So, with that in mind Vibenius sat down and wrote what he considered the ultimate commercial film.
Thriller-A Cruel Picture. An amazing film, but commercial? Well, perhaps not...but fantastic none the less.

Hur Marie... is a bizarre film. I watched it in a language I don't understand...yet found the entire thing so strange that I couldn't imagine a child enjoying it. I certainly did. Our two main characters go on the run in a go-kart and end up in a shootout in the "wild west" that has kids shooting each others clothing off! Thanks to Ilse in our comments section we can translate the amazing tagline that truly trumpets that this is a film for everyone...
""for everyone who is or have been a child!"


Given the rights situation to Bo Arne Vibenius' work as I last understood it, a box set of all of Viebinus' directorial carrer could be done now. Even though he had a fantastic pedigree of working with Bergman on several films and also did work on the excellent Man On The Roof, the three films he created are amazing as a body of work. Hur Marie... is a warped portrait of innocence, Thriller-A Cruel Picture is the very destruction of innocence on film and his final film, Breaking Point is exactly that... the ultimate lack of innocence on any account.

I still would love to write that book Fred... Bo Arne Vibenius: A Cruel Career.


Anonymous said...

hehe nice tagline: "for everyone who is or have been a child".

David A. Zuzelo said...

THANK YOU!! I wondered what that said... have you seen this film? It is SO bizarre, I think you would have to have been a deranged child to dig it.
Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Even though i'm swedish i haven't seen it, actually. But i must say that it sounds like many of the swedish children's programs from the 60's and 70's.

(If you didn't know it the title of the movie is "How Marie met Fredrik, the donkey Rebus, the kangaroo Ploj and...")