Monday, January 01, 2007

Year End...THE DVD/Book/Soundtrack HOOK UP...XPLOITED!

In my mind there is only ONE shop for buying your import DVD selections, your books of the bizarre and your soundtracks of suspiriatical superbness. Xploited Cinema out of Ohio is far and away the best for service, price and overall excellence. No lie, they tolerate my shrieking need for all things Jess Franco with a smile and have provided me with more German splatter than most human minds could tolerate.
Never slow and always helpful, if you have tried them out you already know, and if not-I recommend that you do as soon as possible!
Click here and check out the horrific worlds of wonder they can provide.


Anonymous said...

I second that my Franco Phile Friend. Tony has a mixture of Euro rouge running through his veins. Excellent service that screams out 'That's how I'd like to be treated'. Top stuff Xploited.
Just rustled me in some Spaghetti Greatness to start off the new year pardner. More on that later :) . bb

Dan said...

Gotta love Xploited. I pointed the missus there before the holidays and got the Kinski soundtrack CD set and the Naschy memorabilia book. 'Twas a very Eurotrash Christmas at the Taylor house.