Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Year End Wrap-Up...faves of the year! Comics!

I hope everyone had a great holiday...this week I'll be recapping some of my favorite things of the year. LOTS of amazing things passed my desk this year, so it will be tough-so I'll start with an easy one.
My favorite comic book page of the year (and I probably read many thousands!) has to be page 44 of The Wicked West 2-Abomination. I got a peek at it pre-publication and had to restrain myself from actually having my jaw crack off. This flashback (which starts on the previous page) is a perfect evoking of the gauziest eurohorror gothic flashbacks-an effect that isn't easy to capture on paper I'm sure. When a sequential page of artwork can evoke a memory of your favorite scores and you start to hum while reading, then you know it is a winner. Neil Vokes hit the atmosphere perfectly, and this page is also such a key moment in the story by Robert Tinnell that it is easily my favorite moment of the year in front of a comic book. The book is loaded with great stuff, but Abomination is so great that it sets the bar over the top of perfect. It may be my love of the European Horrors and Spaghetti Westerns that the creators were celebrating and actually adding their own stamp to (even better than Dario Argento can these days)-I'm biased but you can't convince me I'm not right. Rosalba Neri...Cotton Coleridge (I may be nuts, but he looks a bit like Tinnell to me...check out his truly amazing and stunningly resonant Chelation Kid strip and compare)...dark to light compositioning that boggles the mind... Rosalba Neri... awesome.
You can get this book here:
Wicked West 2-Abomination
But you'll want this as well. The Wicked West.
Heck, get yourself some Black Forest as well, and Black Forest 2 contains...yup pardner...a tale of The Wicked West!
Here we are... art by Neil Vokes and story by Robert Tinnell...The page o' the year! Click to make it pretty and BIG!

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