Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I love ATLAS comics! So will you...

ATLAS COMICS!! The name just sounds so grand does it not? I remember my excitement way back in the mid-70s as a young kid finding the Atlas books in a local drug store one fine afternoon. I was a full blast Marvel Zombie (and what a time to be one), but my 7 year old brain was overwhelmed by these new heroes (and villains)...some were so bizarre and strange that they briefly replaced Spidey and pals as my collecting obsession. I brought them to other kids houses and showed the odd books off, but to no avail. I was alone in my interest (well, amongst the other 3 kids that liked comics that I knew).
I guess I was a Jess Franco fan in the making even then.
Over the years I've gathered up a bunch of the Atlas books and still break them out for random reads. Be it the silly Tiger-Man (loved that guy...still love the book to this day), or the horror comics like Tales Of Evil (remember Bog Beast?) or War Comics or the ultra groovy The Destructor (with stories by Archie Goodwin and art by Ditko inked by Wood no less)...these were my books. Well, they aren't mine anymore as I'm sure there are fans all around that remember them fondly. If you are ever perusing the quarter bins at your local comics show, by all means look for the Atlas label and you may be shocked to find great work from talents like Russ Heath, Steve Ditko, Wally Wood, Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin and many many more between the covers. The Scorpion ("conceived by Howard Chaykin") is one of the best and most interesting of all-since that character is still kicking around the Marvel Universe as Dominic Fortune!
And hey, they also did Black and White mags (nope, I still don't have a complete collection, I need to pick up a Devilina #2 someday)...and I can't recommend them enough. A bit tackier than Marvel or Warren's offerings-but great oversized fun.
Instead of rambling around endlessly, I figure the best thing to do is send all my fellow comic fans who have yet to get on the right page of The Atlas over to this excellent archive site- THE ATLAS ARCHIVES. Poke through the covers (some of those horror ones are amazing)... and by all means-pick a few up and enjoy the short but bright life of Atlas / Seaboard comics. Here are some house ads, with excellent art by Ernie Colon! Also, how can you go wrong with FRIGHT COMICS???
You can't.

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