Monday, November 06, 2006

Hacker's Source reviews Ascension Of The Blind Dead

I love a review...good or bad, it is nice to get some feedback. This one came to my attention by accident. The magazine arrived today and they are kind enough to allow me to reprint the review in it's entirety. You can check out Hacker's Source here... there are lots of interesting articles in #22-including a very different review of August Underground. Check it out! You can get one of the few remaining copies at SHOCKLINES by clicking HERE.
Also, if you simply want to check out the Ascension Of The Blind Dead it is still playing (now in the final week!) HERE.

Ascension Of The Blind Dead & Dead Bitch Army-The Early Years
By Josh Haney

(c) The Hacker's Source issue 22

by David Zuzelo & Andre Duza

This chapbook, limited to just two hundred signed and numbered copies, features two pieces of short fiction; Ascension Of The Blind Dead by David Zuzelo and Dead Bitch Army by Andre Duza.
The first story, Ascension Of The Blind Dead, adds to the popular Tombs Of The Blind Dead mythology, while mixing in elements of it’s own to create a truly fun read. Silvia Perschy is an adventurer and her quest for forbidden knowledge has led her to the Temple of Lorelei, home of the Lorelei Grasp, an idol that holds the power of the undead Knights Templar. So many others have died trying to attain this arcane fetish, but Silvia has something special up her sleeve that may just help her succeed where they have failed.
Story number two, Dead Bitch Walking, weaves the tale of psychic Audrey Keller, who begins stalking the Ray family, only to find out the secrets that lurk within their home. Who is this family she has happened upon, what do her visions mean and what exactly is her connection to peculiar little Mary Jane?
This was an enjoyable read, with both stories clocking in at around eight pages, a nice quick read before drifting off to bed. I was really partial to the chapbook format that was used, as it made me feel like I was reading old time pulp fiction.
So, whether you’re a collector or just a genre fan, pick up a copy of this limited edition before they are all gone.

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