Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Occult Files Of Doctor Spektor! Donald Glut Strikes!!

I'm in the Halloween mood and thought these would be great to share. The Occult Files Of Doctor Spektor was a childhood favorite, always available at our local K-Mart and loaded with groovy ghoulish goodness. Years later I would find out that they were written by Donald Glut, a prolific and quite awesome mad genius who stamped his name large across many types of horror media. For more Glut stuff go to this post at The Groovy Age Of Horror and delight in the reviews of the Frankenstein paperbacks! Man, I have to start getting those!!
Always strange, loaded with go-go boots and mega monster are a few covers from this wonderful Gold Key Comics series!


wwinfrey said... has torrents of Doktor Spektor CBRs here and here.

Anonymous said...

Best ever Gold Key comic produced!