Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meat Market 3 and Donald Glut Stuffs!

A few fun items popped up over this F13 kicked off weekend. First, after reading more Doctor Spektor stories I did a little poking and found Donald F. Glut has a website! Check out his movies and more-and drop him a line if you love his work. A serious groovy lit guy who just keeps banging away at the fringe of fun, it never hurts to show some appreciation!
And speaking of things to appreciate, if you like zombies and luchadores and gore and gore and gore then you should have already seen Meat Market. A great little micro budget zombie film (2 grand!!)-it spawned a sequel and more interesting flickgoo from director Brian Clement. Well... after Binge and Purge and Exhumed I'm ready for a ride into Meat Market 3!! You can go to Frontline Films for more details and a trailer.
Even MORE exciting than this news is that the amazingly cool EXHUMED is on sale from Brian at $4.99 on DVD. A really inspired bit of low budget mayhem, you'll get triple the value (or more) from every penny. Check out the trailer if you don't believe me.
Happy Zombie Glut(tony)!

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