Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday-the 13th Link

Alright, some stuff for you to peruse this weekend on the web. First up is GASPetc... , the revival of Mike Baronas' metal/horror hybrid fanzine online. It launched today and looks really nice. Tell the metal head in your life, and tell the horror fan as well. LOTS of CD reviews and some horror reviews that go all over the map. I contributed to this digital issue with some reviews, a long homage to the beautiful muse of Jess Franco with Enthralled By The Bare Breasted Countess as well as a short story called The Scream Box. Clickity click everyone, I want to see Mike get all the hits he deserves as he grows this one from a little metal seed into a towering spear of destiny.
Curt at The Groovy Age of Horror has one of his usual great posts about subjects that interest him in his musings on The Anti-Hero and his (or her) place in fiction. Great reading and some good stuff to chew on! Ascension of the Blind Dead comes up...and I can only add that I love to tell stories about utterly nasty characters-it gives the writer a freedom to cut loose and push the envelope of good taste. It doesn't always work (nor should it be totally common as that would crush the effect), but as Stan Lee said...BRING ON THE BAD GUYS!
I talked about Giallos Flame a few posts back, and they have several new tracks (well, new to me) at myspace. Go and listen in by clicking that link. Keoma-Ballad of War and Killer's Reprise are two current faves around my computer desk. Here is a little graphic I did up for them for fun... you can't go wrong with EuroInspired music and these tracks rock.I've been a Front Line Assembly fan for a long time, and the newest release-ARTIFICIAL SOLDIER is an excellent release that keeps me listening for hours. Leeb and crew hit all the Industrial bases with a solid effort that stays true to the FLA sound. The track Dopamine (you can preview a snippet at Amazon) is my favorite track from the band in several albums.
I've been packing up some pulpy goodness for a friend to check out and found this blog online via a few well placed links and give it a hearty plug. The Aggressors celebrates the Men's Action heroes of today and yesterday. Nick Carter, The Marksman, Mack Bolan and many more. I eat those older books up and it is nice to see them get some love in the Blogosphere!
The mighty HORROR ROUNDTABLE is back with some great entries (I went nuts on mine...sorry)-covering Drive-In summer nights as programmed by the contributors. Be sure to bookmark the page, I've found lots of interesting stuff in the three weeks so far. But need to go to The Horror Blog's great and has a wide range of fun stuff, from Teen Wolf Weiner popping to Jack Kirby links (you'll love this one, just click it!)
I have some good obscure Kirby scans to share as well, here is one.

And that makes Thirteen Links for Friday! One extra if you will...a stickit really. I love love love love love this trailer. It was for an unrealized Jim Van Bebber project called Chunkblower, written by Chas Balun. Music by Doubting Thomas (Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly members) and featuring some band members getting toasted. I've had a copy for a long time via Chas, but it is now running viral on the web. GREAT, because it is really fun. Stay cool on the hot summer days and get yer Chunks Blown!

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