Saturday, May 20, 2006

Do the Mattei... Bruno Mattei that is!

I'm still excited over this new Bruno Mattei flick, and after several emails from people that enjoyed the pics, here are some more! First is an item I picked up last night, I'll do a better scan when it arrives, but I found a THAI poster for RATS under the alternate title of Blood Kill! I love these Thai images, there are several really nice ones out there (Anthropophagus comes to mind), but one of my fave flicks got that magic treatment it seems.
Sticking with Rats is the German poster as THE RIFFS 3! Riffs are the names for the Enzo G. Castellari Bronx Warriors films, and I guess I can see the tie together a little, but not really. A cool poster that really pushes it like Bronx Warriors to say the least. You can get this item from Ari at Offaleaters House of the Damned by clicking this Magic Link Of Mattei!
And finally, my friend Paul gave me this poster a few Christmas times back, and it is a beauty... behold VIOLENCE In a Women's Prison!
Also, for more Mattei madness you can check out my old homage to Big B at the Tomb of DVD archive here: Explosions and Exploitation-A Tribute to Bruno Mattei

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