Friday, February 24, 2006

Franco Sleaze for the Weekend!

I have to admit it...
I'm a Jess Franco fan(atic). This is a cross between a calling, a dementia and an affliction that somehow creates much joy in my filmic life. Franco is the perfect blend of lone gunman viewpoint and trashfilm aesthetics when he makes a film, all the while trailing a body of work behind him that appeals to cinephiliacs and bibliophiles alike. For those that love him, immersion is a way of life-and for those that don't...I ain't hating you. I even understand a little of your hesitation in accepting the man as a genius. But you ain't changing my damaged mind!
As I'm typing this I'm finally getting my son down for a nap and mulling over my notes to get to work on another draft of a Jess Franco Primer for the collaborative efforts of the gents at EuroTrashParadise to unleash... while gazing longingly at the newly arrived Snakewoman dvd. Yes, the NEW Jess Franco movie! It includes a variant mix of the hilariously good natured Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell to boot.
So, I'm feeling the Franco Flavor and wanted to share some scans I don't see in many spots. I grabbed these VHS from the HOLECHECK archives some years back and these covers are simply amazing. Now, they don't represent the movies very well, if at all, but give a Tijuana Bible's eye view of selling some great sleazy films. Franco's time making these little movies for Golden Films Internacional is both exciting and daunting. Poorly distributed, they are threadbare in production cost (high on value though, tons of that free special effect called nudity) but in some films there is some great storytelling going on. Lina Romay appears (mostly in Candy Coster guise-which consists of a blong wig) as does Antonio Mayans and they carry the films as best they can. Macumba Sexual features the ever strangely alluring Ajita Wilson in one of her most memorable roles and is a gem awaiting re-discovery. Also amidst these covers is Erotismo-a brilliant film that again finds Franco in DeSade's Eugenie territory. With amazing sand sculptures, a young Katja Bienert as the innocent girl and Lina Romay as the family dog (!!!!), it's essential Franco.
Of the video boxes I particularly like the image for Mil Sexos tiene la noche as some swarthy guy in a bikini bottom is seemingly biting this womans foot. Hmm...not exactly high erotica in my book.
The tapes are rare and the artwork is stunningly... unique!
Be sure to click the thumbnails for larger images true believers...

Enjoy-The Million Dollar Video / Caliente Collection:


Anonymous said...

There was another Caliente/MDV Franco release I never managed to acquire a prerecord of: LAS ORGIAS INCONFESSABLES DE EMANUELLE. As expected, its cover is outrageously lurid. I recetnly discovered a shortened version of the film itself screened on The Playboy Channel, dubbed in English, as EMANUELLE EXPOSED. It may be worth looking for.

I would also recommend adding some sort of bug to future photo scans -- you never know who out there wants to steal that sort of stuff.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Hey Bruce (master of the Holecheck Archives)... I was going to mark the scans, but they are small and not good for the bootleggers to rip for covers. Anyone else who wants it is welcome to them.
I actually found that other Caliente tape for rent many years ago and still have a copy.
Thanks for swinging through, see you in the ARCHIVE ;)

Anonymous said...

Why does it not surprise me that these never appeared in the States? Look at those freakin' boxes! Good stuff.