Sunday, October 07, 2012

Halloween Horrors 2012 #7: KILLER PARTY

I can't say that I've ever NOT seen so many shocking demises in the final 30 minutes of a film than the offscreen ORGY OF (I think) TERROR that is William Fruet's KILLER PARTY.  That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy what I did watch, but this one really raises the bar on cut away action.  If Val Lewton remade The Evil Dead it would look like this I guess.

Yeah, no idea what happened either, but it must have been cool!

After a nifty movie within a music video opening by WHITE SISTER (!!) Killer Party tells the tail, urr...tale, of some girls pledging a sorority.  One of them is a prankster and she pulls off a nifty decapitation to surprise her sapphic sisterhood.  But does that rise the ire of a local demon?  OF COURSE!  Guys try, and succeed on occasion, to get near the girls underpants...a little humor is sprinkled about, Paul Bartel devours some scenery (and gets a totally groovy death sequence that lasts a second longer than most) and it all leads up to a really really fun bit of demon stomping and even a great little twist ending that makes the ride feel worth it.

Killer Party has been released by the Warner Archives and it looks and sounds really nice as it scratches the itch of seeing every sorority set slasher of the 80s.  Fruet is an odd director with films like Spasms and the super fun BLUE MONKEY to his credit.  There is a lot of humor that is intentional, but instead of coming off as comedy now, it feels like a time capsule of what we thought was campy in the 80s.  I'm in my 40s, so that is all good by me!  I really enjoyed little bits of dialog like this:
Horny Lad:  What are you doing later?
Sorority Sister: Nothing?
Horny Lad: Wanna do it with me?
Sorority Sister: *pause* Sure.

Splatter fans won't be satisfied at all, and if you are looking for a chiller for your Halloween viewing, this ain't it either. However, if you love a good campy 80s film and enjoy lots of RRRARRRGHing and post trauma demonizing reveals, you'll dig it.  And hey, it has a track by Laura Brannigan to boot!

OH OH OH!! How could I forget this detail?  Leg Warmer fetishists will love this one!!  Not that I like women in leg warmer...s....uh....alright Aerobicise really warped me forever. Sorry.

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