Sunday, April 10, 2022

Vortex Of Eros - A Tribute To European Trash Cinema

Tunes to make your head spin with trash film connections. All performed live using three Arturia Microfreaks clocked to a single IK Multimedia UnoDrum.  From ambient textures of dark sex to pulsing club hits... evoking a 1980s Giallo we never had!  All music by me as BLACK MARKET BRAINS.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Tenebre And Malediction - A sonic meditation on Jess Franco

Here at TOMB IT MAY CONCERN there is a lot of material about Jess Franco. His films NEVER leave my imagination and so... a sonic tribute to my favorite sequence and English language line from A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD!  Industrial into a sludge of noise as we drop into the lake...

Monday, March 21, 2022

AtmosFerox presents Black Market Brains LIVE


A live performance captured using 3 Arturia Microfreaks and a Volca Sample on a dark and stormy night. Gothic industrial ambient experiences abound!  All sounds by myself as BLACK MARKET BRAINS. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

Free Industrial / Dark Ambient release!


The latest BLACK MARKET BRAINS release on Mixcloud is live.  This is a 50 minute excursion into industrial, ambient and powernoise entitled THE ARCHITECTURE OF ENNUI.  It's soft sometimes, loud at turns and occasional rhythmic!  All sounds forged by me using a bank of 3 Arturia Microfreaks and a stitched together in the lab of Count Orlof!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Black Market Brains On MIXCLOUD

A new post!  My electronic music project, BLACK MARKET BRAINS, tackled the weird world of EuroSF of the 70s.  A thirty minute mix of SEVEN GOLDEN WOMEN AGAINST METALLICOR is up for your listening pleasure!  

This one started after my umpteenth run through the Al Brescia space epics and their uberweird scores by Marcello Giombini!  The instruments used were mostly just two Arturia Microfreaks (my favorite instrument by far) and an UnoDrum reloaded with emulations of the Roland drum machines of the 70s and 80s.  What resulted was a lot of fun! 

Soundcloud was the original home and this was an hour long but the persistence of ads in any extended listening there brought me to Mixcloud. The artists are all me as you can't use more than 4 by any one person on that service.  Some good fun and look for tributes to Yanti Somer, Antonio Sabato and of course Sirpa Lane!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

BOTTOMFEEDER - EIBON PRESS slams the sequential slime!

Time for a book review, Tomb Dwellers!  This one has been sitting too long, time to point you to the BEST indie series you need to read!

By Stephen Romano and Pat Carbajal based on a story by Shawn Lewis and Joseph Melendez Jr.

“We're all one wet cunt hair away from the worst thing that could possibly happen.”

    So says Lieutenant Joe Angell of San Lucifer. A man with seemingly nothing to lose, prowling his beat wielding weapons of scorn and insatiable appetites for his vices.  In the EIBON PRESS three issue comic series, BOTTOMFEEDER, it's a non stop orgy of gore, bad behavior and a gritty ruggedness that made me wonder if this is what SIN CITY would have looked like if it had been based on the works of Iceberg Slim or Joseph Nazel. More directly, step into a world that could have happened if Abel Ferrara had been approached early on by Roger Corman to direct HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP. The only directive was to keep his aesthetic while making it fun for the drive in crowd. Not an easy balance to find, right? Balancing on Angell's proverbial wet cunt hair challenging I'd say. And the reader sits, in awe that they made it all work. SEE! Tits and gore and monster cocks shredding nubile flesh! AND...FEEL...the depths of despair in a unique vision of an internal hell more agonizing than having that flesh torn away from the bone! 

     Angell is a man driven by the demons around him, seemingly unable to connect to reality when an even WORSE reality arrives on his slab of shit beat. There are crooks (that get pulped), a super science subplot (that lulls you into feeling all comfy at your brain's drive-in) and a horde of nifty cameos including “Crackhead Bob” that will leave European horror fans smiling...and monsters to boot. Look for Joe Spinnel to have the role of an unlifetime, but for all the faces you recognize, remember it doesn't pay to be paid attention to in this scumsberg! SPLAT for all!
So, it's monsters and tough dicks beating things up, right? Bonus tits and “look it's that famous face I like!” fun, right? WRONG.
 There is a moment that haunts me in BOTTOMFEEDER, it makes me want to create something so clear and precise. It kicked me in the fucking heart. So, when you have nothing left, nothing to lose...what if some THING takes one more chunk of your lost heart? Read and find out. It ain't pretty.
This is the power of Lewis and Melendez Jr.'s story and it's brought to screaming sequential life by Stephen Romano and Pat Carbajal. The artwork is crisp and clean amidst the viscera and does a great job in both the expressiveness of the characters AND the tough task of making the cameo appearances work. There is not a missed beat, not an imperfect frame to find... and for those of us that love the RED, you'll go back again and again to each “effects shot” and find new stuff to repulse your brain and leave you begging for more. It's essential reading. You can cling to old nostalgia for echoes of old heroes in your comics, or you can help keep the lights on for the people making things that push the boundaries and want YOU as the audience!

     It has to be said as well that this graphic novel is practically the last “film” starring Joe Pilato. You'll here his distinct voice in each bubble, and I'm sure he'd love the fucking book. I sure did. So empty your puke box first and get ready to absorb the slime of BOTTOMFEEDER! 

Monday, August 19, 2019


Few things make me happier than wrapping my dingy Dr. Z like tendrils around a new print zine!  It's been a while folks, and I figured this was a good place to start.  After getting a complimentary review copy of MIDNIGHT! MAGAZINE I have to admit it was daunting to pick up the virtual pencil.  Been a few years... I've had a bunch of projects of varying success and failure, and I'll get into all those, but first... I'm rounding up on Midnight, quite literally... but this tome inspired me to get at what I want to do next with David-Z the blogspotter!  

MIDNIGHT! MAGAZINE is a nice and chunky black and white affair loaded to the gills with great art for the at first glance look. The cover boggles my mind with it's graven perfection!  Doug Randazzo's cover and inside art is so splattery it hits every grotesquely great spot in my brain.  He is joined by several excellent pencil punishers and Marvel horror fans will eat up the wildly groovy back cover by Don England.  There ain't a bad picture amongst 'em… art fans will enjoy just looking through the pages, highlighted by main man Eric Wright's slick design work throughout.  

But it's about the reads, and here is where MIDNIGHT! shocked me to my writing senses.  I have to admit I usually do NOT enjoy pieces written that work more as about the author than the writing itself.  I struggle to do it, instead bending my writing and perspective to serve the subject.  So many articles within these pages work it the other way, it's about the writer and the way the see whatever topic they tackle.  I guess I've done it, but there is usually an artifice that goes up, even just a little. Not so here, and it's inspiring!  I totally enjoyed DAYS OF VIDEO YORE: THE MEDIA EVOLUTION by Vanessa Alucarda.  I got my first job in a video shop in 1985 and worked in VHS, Laserdisc and DVD shops, 3 decades?  The writing made me see things that were similar, and also placed me in time with where I would have been in this piece (behind the counter, egging on my customers to try MORE HORROR!!).
Ben Newell covers the FRIDAY THE 13th PART 3 novelization, one of those items I had and was lost in a move somewhere along the line, and does a fine job.  On the book front, we also get THE EERIE ONE, Mike Howlett, covering books I need in  my life like MAGGOTS, WORM and TENDRIL! a horror book fanatic, I've never encountered these.  I'll fix that right up!  
Comics get a LOT of space, which is excellent, and I enjoyed all the coverage, especially the LAS MOMIAS DE GUANAJUATO article that showed me a whole bunch of things I'd never encountered.  Maybe THIS is why zines that don't hyperfocus are so important, I wouldn't know where else to get this information.  

Deep Red editor John Szpunar is interviewed and Kris Gilpin has a vintage interview reprinted that is must read stuff.  WHO was going to direct Cannon's SPIDER-MAN?  And how epic was it to be?  As a part of the DEEP RED staff, it was nice to see both fellas getting space to shine. And there is a lot more... Brad Sykes reviews movies (I've watched some of his!) and an Albert Pyun one to boot.  I still have an Albert Pyun blog to update, dammit.  

A class act, I'm not spoiling more, you HAVE TO BUY IT, because if you don't, these things don't exist. I give it my highest recommendation, and I'll prove it.  
I love Joe D'Amato films, I have written a lot about the guys work, including a Weng's Chop article that reviewed (if memory serves, and I'm being conservative) over 30 of his 90s porn films. Search this blog, they will pop up faster than Ron Jeremy's dick at a donut shop. I'm a fucking SNOB about D'Amato, which is like being a snob about urinal cakes being scented lavender or lemon. Silly.

I was ready to groan... I'm sorry, I was!  A review of ABSURD by John Shatzer had me ready to toss on my Massacessi Smoking Jacket and get all high and mighty, but nope... I really enjoyed it. A mixed like of the movie was fine, but it is so well put across that this was a blind watch it made me be able to forget the oh... more than a dozen...viewings of the movie I have. I mean, it's one of my favorite of D'Amato horror films.  There is a LOT to cover (pass the spaghetti for a fancy football party, baby!!)--but instead you get a nice look at all the Blu Ray has to offer (which is stunning for the record) and the feeling of chilling with someone that has fresh eyes on something I hold as a sacred cow of slaughter cinema.  

Well made, fun to read and it even includes some love for BLACK MAGIC WITH BUDDHA and SKATETOWN U.S.A.!