Tuesday, March 17, 2015


The latest episode of CINESLUDGE - A MANGLED MEDIA PODCAST is live!  Join myself and Dan Taylor of Exploitation Retrospect as we take a look at the shockingly underrated DIRE WOLF, a mutant monster on the loose film, followed by a deep probing softcore rubbing down of one of my favorite discs of the year, THE UNLIVING featuring Paul Naschy!  It's EuroShock action with BOOBS, BLOOD AND BEASTS galore!  Click HERE for the link or listen below!


Anonymous said...

DIRE WOLF would had probably done a lot better had Fred Olen Ray been able to secure his originally intended stars Michael Dudikoff and Jeff Fahey in the film(whose roles instead went to both Maxwell Caulfield and Gil Gerald),as DIRE WOLF proved that FOR still has got it when it comes to making an entertaining film(and it's also his goriest horror film since SCALPS and BIOHAZARD). And THE UNLIVING would had been wider expected by the fans had FOR not transformed half of the film into a celluloid gig for his numerous soft core erotica Nicolas Medina projects stars(since there's lots of more softcore nudity and sex scenes in what is basically Paul Naschy's last wolfman film[and Naschy's first and only American wolfman film,as well]).

David A. Zuzelo said...

I purchased the DINOWOLF edition to check out the commentary, I'm sure it will be interesting. The Unliving definitely has a fascinating behind the scenes that talks a lot about why the film became such a softcore vehicle and how it was neither fish nor fowl enough to make a profit to this day (though, I'm hoping the new disc will fix that situation). And when you see how Naschy arrived and the challenges that presented, many of which are pretty obvious in the film, I guess it became a move to hopefully sell some rights, which didn't particularly work. And it certainly holds a unique spot for Naschy using his real voice in English.