Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Horrors 6 - Sorority House Massacre 2

The cinema of Jim Wynorski is, for me, like wearing a lambskin condom.  Sure, it gets the job done, but while you are watching all the jiggling breasts and pounding away at the cinematic moments of your life you wonder if it will protect you from that dreaded itch--boredom in this case.  Well, I'm glad to report a 100% efficacy award to this particular gem, Sorority House Massacre 2. 
Plot?  Well, we have a group of well built ladies showering and dressing in lingerie while playing with a Ouija board.  We have a house that a bunch of murders took place in. A shifty neighbor that MAY have been involved in the previous films slaughter. A pair of cops. A strip club scene. And off screen murders (by and large) that don't waste our time with poor prosthetics, leaving that to some of the showering lasses. 
I loved it.

 Funny story.  I had a Mario Bava box set in my hand (#2 to be exact) and was settled on Baron Blood as my film (which will be posted on shortly), but for some reason it just felt right to grab my unwatched old SHM 1/2 double feature disc and pop it in. I have seen the first film, but never caught this one.  It's fast paced, actually funny and has a cool soundtrack and some editing that generates actual tension and a real "huh, I wonder whodunit...oh...booooobs....nice!" atmosphere that many other of it's ilk fall flat on a silicone injected ass trying to put together.  My favorite bit has to do with the POV of a woman being stalked in the shower while paying too much (or just enough for me) attention to the undercarriage of her breasts turning out to be ANOTHER woman waiting to shower in the icy water.  As all women in sorority house massacres do, they strip down and compare assets. 
I loved it.

I don't know who Stacia Zhivago is, but she should have made a lot more films for Jim Wynorski!  The cast is very solid here, and even the most wooden performances are less stiff than the wood in my pajama pants, so we'll call that a push.  You can see an effects guys hand squirting the ketchup bottle for a completely off kilter angle for a death scene, but again, that is part of the charm here.  The girls wear soap bubbles and fake blood with equal grace and the final 15 minutes is really well done.  Never boring. Always titallating.  I'm down with this Sorority House.  Special notice should be given to another Wynorski film that I really like called HARD TO DIE.  I was having heavy deja vu watching this movie, because if you reskin flick this horror entry into an action movie it is almost identical!
THAT is awesome.

Dear Mr. Jim Wynorski, I'm sorry I compared your career to a is done with the utmost respect. I'm actually more a fan of your work than I am condoms.  By far.  Thank you so much.

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