Friday, July 17, 2009

Japanese VHS Covers Archive #3

Four more scans from my archives...a real mixed bag this time. We have Indonesian action, Canadian gore, Swedish Ninja and a Claudio Lattanzi favorite! Enjoy!

KILLING BIRDS-This was released as Zombie 5 in the US (with lovely poster artwork by Sciotti on the jacket), but this design is just fantastic. And yes, I really do love the movie as well.

NINJA MISSION-This is THE best Swedish Ninja film ever made. This version is actually better than the Swedish DVD since it is in full widescreen. If you ever see a copy of this tape, buy it.

FINAL SCORE-Another Arizal film, this one is my favorite with Chris Mitchum blowing EVERYTHING up and it is just balls out action in the best Indonesian tradition.
DEADLINE-If Thriller-A Cruel Picture had fallen through I would have pushed HARD to get this one out on DVD. A really great, and sadly unappreciated, film. I love that the credits are listed as "STUFF" on the front sleeve.

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