Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bloody Moon and Marc Olden

I spent the night with the always fun Jess Franco slasher film BLOODY MOON last night-and enjoyed it even more than usual. Severin did a nice job creating an uncut version with only a few quick gore inserts that needed adding changing an overall glossy print.
But that isn't what really caught my attention this viewing. The widescreen print and overall clarity let me see the title of the book Olivia Pascal is reading in bed while being stalked early on. I was really surprised to see that it was POE MUST DIE by Marc Olden. I haven't read that particular book, but trash novel fans will certainly remember Olden as the author of the BLACK SAMURAI series. I reviewed one entry here.

Jess Franco and The Black Samurai in two easy steps! Fantastic.

Also interesting is that Pascal is running around in a shirt that is from a TEXTILE MILL. Like..perhaps the mill used for the saw sequence?


Fred Anderson said...

I watched the Severin-release of Bloody Moon the other night and it really beats the shit out of the old dutch release.

Quite a good little movie to, though it reminds me more of a spanish giallo - but of course the slasher-elements are there for sure.


Sidney said...

Poe Must Die is a fun novel. Poe serves as detective in the tale and he's kind of teamed up with a boxer, and they take on a mysterious cult. Been years since I read it, but it was a blast. Seems like it came out around Halloween time of the year it appeared.