Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 Big Ones From Synapse/Impulse

I'm THRILLED to see LUCKER THE NECROPHAGOUS is finally out in the US. I can remember first contacting Johan (with thanks to Fred Anderson)-and now almost 7 years later it will finally be unleashed.
I've seen the directors cut of this film. It is grosser, gorier and trimmed down to get to the splatter quicker. Also included on the disc is the original "producers cut" that includes the great LUCKER theme song and lots more walking. And hey, your humble blogger is mentioned in the documentary-so you know you need it. Well, not so much for that, but it did make me smile.

Buy LUCKER THE NECROPHAGOUS at Xploited right now and support your local gorehounds!

Also, you can still read the first issue script of the comic book adaptation of the Lucker remake here:

I wonder if anyone would be interested in reading the novelization of the screenplay penned by myself and Johan? I finished about 45 pages of blood drenched (amongst other fluids) pages before I got a new full time job of child care. Perhaps an excerpt or two will get me rolling again.

Also, the IMPULSE label continues a wild release schedule with another Christina Lindberg release-MAID IN SWEDEN! I love that cover and I think you will as well.

Buy MAID IN SWEDEN, your lower half will thank you!

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