Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Cirio Santiago BadAss Theater with Vinegar Syndrome! THE MUTHERS!

Vinegar Syndrome is back with more Cirio H. Santiago mayhem on DVD!  Now, there have been plenty of discs of the Maestro’s work, but VS always goes the extra mile. Even better than the DEATH FORCE / VAMPIRE HOOKERS release, we get a standalone edition of the Badass Pirates On A Plantation Seeking Vengeance classic, THE MUTHERS!  And they did this one up proud.  I mean…look at this!
Now that I have your attention, THE MUTHERS is the saga of a pair of freewheeling Pirate Women that terrorize the men, take what they want and live the way they want to.  But when disaster strikes and the leader of the crew’s sister is missing, it’s up to them to go deep undercover at a violent work camp on an island run by the vicious Montiero, a scenery stomping unkempt ass that will string a woman up by her hair for disobedience.  Add in one Justice Department agent that wants to use The Muthers to bring down the camp, stir some interpirate relations of a negative nature as The Muthers piss off Turko and his gang into the mix, toss a shower scene in and don’t forget to have plenty of action ranging from guns to flipping flying kung fu fightin’!  It’s perfect fun for fans of exploitation and adventure films with plenty of sass, ass and bad bad badguys. And, it even comes with this survival technique.  If you are escaping a Vicious Island Overboss and find beans be sure to have a can opener. But if you don’t..well, here you go.
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Cirio Santiago films are usually great Drive-In movie fare, and THE MUTHERS is one of his best. The pace is fast, the dialog is hysterical (“just like every other snake I ever met, can’t leave my tits alone!”) and there is so much action between all the cool action atmosphere that it’s hard to get bored. The cast is outstanding, with the pulchritudinous presence of Jeannie Bell (the real TNT JACKSON!) and Rosanne Katon taking no shit from the professionally sweaty and evil Tony Carreon.  And let us not forget Jayne Kennedy, who cuts one striking figure on horseback and even gets to scrap it up in good form!  Part Action Film, part Women In Prison…ALL SANTIAGO SALACIOUS SWEETNESS! This is a great little exploitation film to start your Saturday Night Supershow Of Sexy Cinema.  Grab it!  It’s so hot, it’s super cool. And when it’s super cool, it’s a bit nippley, eh?


Vinegar Syndrome’s disc is a 2K scan from 35mm negative and it’s done damn well and damn right for a movie and a filmmaker that is always gonna be damn good.  Dig it!

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