Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hungry For Leslie Bovee? Have CHAMPAGNE FOR BREAKFAST!


Finally… freed from the chains of a Vinegar Syndrome drought, TOMB IT MAY CONCERN is back and ready to rumble through some vintage porn for your perusal!  First up is the release of CHAMPAGNE FOR BREAKFAST, and when I see that VS puts out a single disc dedicated to a film I assume it is something very worthwhile. This one sure is.  This film has laughs, hot women and men and a goofy sense of style that feels like a Hollywood farce of days gone by.  Champagne (Leslie Bovee) is one women headed to the top of the advertising world, but her sex life may be active, but her choice of men is the pits.  Be it paying for an all dicks on deck pounding or picking up a random “beer kinda guy” that has a name for his schlong and no manners at all when athletic sex goes awry, what could she do?  Enter our man, Harry.  John Leslie is in top form throughout, be it getting his schlong long when the time is right or cracking the audience up as Harry’s weird sense of morality shines through. Watch for one of the absolute best mid blowjob “come on down”s EVER early on. So, Harry is screwed both literally and figuratively because he needs work while his brother in law fucks him over on some investments.  Problem is…his blue balls problem seems to always end him up working on his thrusts over working on getting his paychecks.  Enter, Champagne and Harry’s plan to pretend to be gay to get a job as her bodyguard. Her VERY close bodyguard.


Hilarity ensues as the odd couple talk about life, and Harry paints a picture of his life as a gay boxer in the Navy, where massages were commonplace.  He protects his employer from herself on occasion, sure, but his constant attempts to avert his eyes from Leslie Bovee are really entertaining to watch. Never mind when Champagne rewards him with a nice gentleman that announces…”All night, my cock is yours!”


The film is really funny, and Bovee is always a pleasure to watch because she has that classic beauty AND she really puts her all into making Champagne likeable and enthusiastic.  Her cracking up as a horny construction worker holds her upside down and pours a beer in her butt was just making me smile the entire time.  A porn film that rarely feels dirty, it’s good fun for all.
The DVD contains two trailers for the porn edition and a soft edit, and you can watch some of the sequences used to pad out the soft version as well.  I can’t say they did much for me, but it’s interesting to catch a gander of how they buffed up the running time while deleting the penetration shots as it usually is.  Directed by Chris Warfield (be sure and check out SEX WORLD on Blu Ray as well) and written by GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE’s John Hayes (who has been under the VS microscope already if you read my review of BABY ROSEMARY right here).  It’s just plain porn with a smile, and bubbly as champagne.  Even though I’m a beer man myself, I can’t resist a good naughty comedy!

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