Monday, May 09, 2011

Demons in DEEP RED

While I was chatting with Brian at Cult Cinema Corner last week we discussed my tribute to Chas. Balun in Tough To Kill. Feeling nostalgic that brought me back to my Deep Red books and I found something even cooler to share.  The FIRST film reviewed in the first issue of Deep Red is DEMONS.
And you know how much I love Demons and the recent DEMONS REUNION fun as well!
So, Demons is one of the first Italian Horrors that I became aware of as Italian Horror...and I bet Chas. helped me along greatly.  Check it out!  The review of Demons that kicked off THE GORE SCOREBOARD was penned by Eric Caidin!

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DOC TERROR said...

Loved Deep Red. That rating system is truly hilarious.

R.S. Sterling said...

I always wanted those, had always heard so much about them, but never had access.