Monday, March 21, 2011

The Abattoir! An Experiment in Manliness!

Some years back I was working with a cool publisher that had some Chapbook series it seems that digital has replaced that format for both affordability and ease of use.  Quite by accident I bumped in to the sample prologue that I'd written up and thought it would be fun to see if anyone would want to read this kind of story.
The Abattoir is my take on Men's Adventure of the 70s. It's rude as hell. Crude as a muthahumper!  I really don't know if anyone wants this kind of fiction anymore, but I want to write it!  Check it it or hate it, don't be afraid to say so.  This is a quick and fast 3 pages...give it a try.

"He doesn't execute! He doesn't work for anyone! His mission is SLAUGHTER!!  Nobody makes it across the Killing Floor when The Abattoir arrives!!"

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Brian said...

Brother, that was the shit! Like a grindhouse Punisher! You really should think of getting together monthly installments. There's definitely fans out there, consider me one!