Saturday, October 03, 2009

Halloween Horrors Day 3 - The Thing

I just could not live in a world where my wife had never experienced John Carpenter's classic THE THING. I really hope I don't have to review this film for you-and if I do, please go watch it. I hold this as a perfect film, from the amazing effects to the pitch perfect performances that make you cringe and laugh at the same time and a classic score by Morricone. I always forget how good that score is, and it is easy to shrug it off as a "Carpenter-esque" bit from one of the best score artists that ever lived. It does absorb a bit of the electronic thrumming, but only to work exactly as Carpenter's films always do. Droning and pulsing with tension-when Morricone starts to add his compositions on top of this metric hum it adds a dimension of classic horror that works beyond anything Carpenter could have done alone. Of course, that is why they sought out Morricone in the first place.
It never gets old...THE THING is a modern classic.

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Kim Dubuisson said...

One of my all time favorite and one of the few films I truly think deserves a perfect 10.