Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Virgin Among The Living Dead...Red Mask Edition! UPDATED!

While doing my afternoon blog perusals I really enjoyed the post at Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience regarding the Rollin footage in A Virgin Among the Living Dead that was shot quickly and inserted by Eurocine.

These scenes hold a nostalgic place in my heart really, I hate them when I watch them in the film-and all the slowing down of footage really drives me nuts. But they are interesting and worth noting, because that version is present in what would become one of my favorite Franco films once a good proper edition found it's way to me.

But yeah...I get a kick out of that footage. But what is even odder to me is the orgy sequence that is in some prints, though not in the US "Virgin" edition.

Enter...Pioneer Entertainments Japanese DVD. A truly WEIRD edition of the film, it contains a great print of Christina, but adds in the orgy sequence to the main film for some reason. So, no slow motion repeating of the same zombie knocking the same door of the same (non) hinges, but the orgy is right there! Also, it actually looks pretty good-though the rest of the film is in gorgeous widescreen, this sequence in full frame is interesting.
But it gets weirder...

Yep, the "Special Edition by Jean Rollin" is a complete print of the Virgin Among The Living Dead re-edit looking very nice in full frame. It does NOT have the orgy scene intact though? So...I've always assumed that bit was shot by Rollin. Am I right?

EDIT-Here is a page in French regarding the man that directed this sequence! Funnier still, the image of the charming lady is from one of my favorite Eurocine comedies...MEN FOR RENT which is reviewed here. Any translators around?


Nostalgia Kinky said...

I didn't even know this disc existed. I wish I had a good answer for you on that Orgy footage but I have no idea. The whole thing regarding what exactly Rollin shot remains a bit of a mysetry to me...that aside, isn't A Virgin Among the Living Dead amazing? It's easily one of my favorite Franco films and it's one of those movies that really lingers in the thoughts.
Thanks for posting these stills and for reporting on the disc...I need to track down a copy. Also, thanks for linking to my post over at Fascination. Sorry, things have been a bit slow over there as of late but I have some more new posts coming.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

One more thing...since that footage doesn't show up in the Rollin edition and I have never read anything with him mentioning anything besides the Zombie scenes he shot, I wonder if Eurocine snatched the footage from somewhere else. Perhaps, they had the footage from an unfinished project or had another director come in and supply it? No clue's almost fitting that a film as dreamlike as Virgin Among the Living Dead is surrounded by mystery.

Robert Monell said...

I really like the orgy footage. It was shot in the mid 70s by a Eurocine director, maybe Pierre Chevalier. It somehow fits in with the original's delirium.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Hey there Jeremy! I enjoyed this post a lot myself, it felt like a "retweet" and additional material added later kind of thing-which is one of the best parts of blogging in my opinion.
I'm convinced this is Rollin as well, it feels a whole lot like his XXX material, especially Le parfum de Mathilde. But, I could be wrong of course!

R2 Japan - (King Records/Pioneer) - This release includes inserts that were not originally included in the film, but were added later by Eurocine to add a bit more sex and violence. The inserts include the "Garden Orgy" scene, an extended rape sequence, and a sex scene not found in Jess Franco's original version of the film. Also included as a special feature is the 88 min version re-release with added scenes directed by Jean Rollin. Note, that there are optical censoring of genitalia.

Pretty interesting, it is a really nice disc all around-I snagged one when it was released. I couldn't find a listing for you via CD JAPAN today-but I'll see if we can find a source.

Now, to go find some kind of reference about the Garden "Party" if possible.

And indeed, I love the film proper-it always fascinates and entertains me when I visit that weird chateau.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Thanks Robert, Chevalier would be a likely suspect-that man could cut a sleeze rug pretty well. Hmmmm....lets put our heads to this one!

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I don't know. I remember when I got my Euroshock Edition of the film to replace my much worn VHS grey market tape and hated it. The voieovers were wrong, the dubbing was horrid. I go back to my VHS copy more often than not. But, part of me wants this disc as well. Jeez! Talk about your sickness! :0)

Terence said...

This looks very interesting. I believe this is the version known as "Christina, Princess of Eroticism". I would like to know at which parts of the film are the orgy sequences present and is the woman in the red mask meant to be the main character Christina?