Monday, July 13, 2009

More Dragon Pack fun! Dragon Lives Again!

I sat down to watch more Brucesploitation and finally caught up with THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN! The third film I've watched from The Return of the Dragon 4 Pack-this one is a classic.

Now, reviewing this movie would take about 4 hours, because there is so much great stuff to comment on. So, instead I'm going to throw a few words and names at you. All of this is in THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN!
Do you want to see Bruce Lee (who looks very little like "himself" and this is even explained in the film!) battle The King of Hell? Do you like the following?
Kung fu fighting! Kung Fu Popeye!!? Kamen Rider styled henchmen of hell...MEEP MEEP! James Bond. The Man With No Name. Caine from Kung Fu. Zatoichi. Emmanuelle attempting to sex the lord of hell to death! Guys counting the strokes to get there??? Gun fights! Fist Fights. Foot Fights. Nonstop jokes that will make you laugh and groan at the same time. And of course, the secret technique...THE THIRD LEG OF BRUCE!
Watch, enjoy and if you think I would steer you wrong, I invite you to at least watch the opening credits and see if this isn't the strangest thing you have watched in a while.


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