Sunday, February 27, 2022

Black Market Brains On MIXCLOUD

A new post!  My electronic music project, BLACK MARKET BRAINS, tackled the weird world of EuroSF of the 70s.  A thirty minute mix of SEVEN GOLDEN WOMEN AGAINST METALLICOR is up for your listening pleasure!  

This one started after my umpteenth run through the Al Brescia space epics and their uberweird scores by Marcello Giombini!  The instruments used were mostly just two Arturia Microfreaks (my favorite instrument by far) and an UnoDrum reloaded with emulations of the Roland drum machines of the 70s and 80s.  What resulted was a lot of fun! 

Soundcloud was the original home and this was an hour long but the persistence of ads in any extended listening there brought me to Mixcloud. The artists are all me as you can't use more than 4 by any one person on that service.  Some good fun and look for tributes to Yanti Somer, Antonio Sabato and of course Sirpa Lane!

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