Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Erotic Blackmail" and the flashback a-groooovy-go-go

A full review for the rather dismal, but interesting enough, release of a partial film called Erotic Blackmail by One 7 Productions will be done for Exploitation Retrospect soon, but I can't resist sharing a GREAT bit of Eurosex fluff.

 To set it up, two older women are looking for a young lady to watch their elderly mom.  But the young whippersnapper is just too tired. WHY?  Well... she has quite the acid music neon flashback sex life of course.  I can't recommend the disc (it isn't good), but if you are like me and love Eurotrash sex melodrama, well...this is one. I have seen what remains of it now. I'm happy.

Cue the kind dialogue...

And..Bwah....waaahhhh...vrwaaaaaaahhhhh goes the score.

Phew...mellow it down again...



Classic.  There is weird sexual hijinx a plenty, disconnected scenes, random dancing and a finale paced by an old lady going down stairs for SO LONG THAT IT GOES FROM DAY TO NIGHT!  But we'll always have this scene. Thanks One7.

Bonus excuse for film limpness.
Video of the actual pinball machine being played.  Because I'm nerdy like that.

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