Thursday, November 08, 2012

Emmanuelle's SUPERNATURAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY - Enter the Emmanuelleverse 6

It's time to jump back into the blimp!  Emmanuelle Through Time continues with "SUPERNATURAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY" and boy, it is just as funny and strange as SEXY BITE!!  This time, we follow along as Emmanuelle (Allie Haze) and her merry band of misfits get hit by an electric storm while bopping around in their ORGASM POWERED AND MILITARY SPONSORED SEX BLIMP (yes, it deserves all cap) and they need to make a jump through a wormhole to escape.  Sadly, Emmanuelle is nowhere to be found, so the nerdy science crew have to bang themselves into oblivion to make the Quantum Leap.  It works for them. It works for us. And it even works for the plot!!!

But of course, there is hitch to be had.  They enter a world where horny ghosts can interact with them!  Ghost dogs hump legs! Ron Jeremy has a woman pop out of his TV to bang (and of course he gets a goofy finish scene because he is Ron Jeremy)!  There are heavy duty hookups between men, women, ghosts and even, yes, an air mattress with the signature E on it!  Emmanuelle's blimp is THE GHOST HOOKUP!!!

LOOK AT THE E!!!  Can you see it?  Yeah, I got distracted too.

So, the plot goes in a few directions. All of them AWESOME!  One particularly naughty ghost runs rampant by body jumping until she gets control of Emmanuelle, which leads to more Hazeturbation (woo!) and even inappropriate behavior with military authority figures.  This part is pretty entertaining I have to say, and it will all get settled on the above mattress in a ghost to Emmanuelle FUCK OFF for control of her FLEEEEESSSSSSSH!!!  
I love this stuff.  And hey, whatever your sexual orientation may be, if the look on Emmanuelle's face here doesn't make you go "yeaaaaah" I can't believe it.  I'm just bowled over by the work of Allie Haze.  I mean hey, she does amazing facial expressions as this image proves...AND she once starred in Cum Glazed 2, go figure.


But wait..there is another plot, and genre fans will get a chuckle out of Emmanuelle finding herself hanging out with a virgin geek ghost as they intrude on the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films.  Yep, poor old nerdy guy died before getting his dream girl (who has an amazing ass by the way) in "that" way.  But he doesn't know what to do when he gets there.  Of course the horny hubby is taping them in hopes of catching some ghost sex to sell. Oh he gets it, but only when Emmanuelle's psychic pal (!!!!) Mandy decides she can't resist some sapphic spiritism!  It's actually really funny stuff, using bits of the found footage genre in clever ways to put the BONER in BONE CHILLING.  It has a great finish that would play as "scary" if we couldn't see the sex scene gag.  Dear Alan Siritzky and everyone involved.  These are great!  Tremble as the ghost strikes...

It gets weirder, a dimension of cgi ghosts save the blimp abd everyone apologizes for fucking each other silly.  And yes, the virgin ghost gets a living girlfriend with one of the nerdy but super hot science gals helps him out. This leads to salvation.  I guess you'll either love this or hate it, or perhaps be offended by all that sex, but this is what good softcore fun should be.  Everything works from chuckles in your mouth to stirrings in your pants.  
I'll leave you with this great line because you just can't mess with it.  Someone wrote this. Many acted it.  I laughed at it. VIVA EMMANUELLE!  
As the nerdy dude re-appears after losing his virginity in the physical realm he has stylin' hair...and is now a man thanks to Emmanuelle's crew.  He says this to take it all home.

"I'll never forget you Renee...I'll tell all the angels in Heaven about you...and your wonderful vagina."  

Bonus!!  Allie Haze stars as Princess Leia in a XXX parody of Star Wars done by Axel Braun???  Polishing the Dark Lord's Helmet? Gotta see it. 


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Jaw-droppingly excellent looking!

Mike H said...

Damn! Now THAT is a film I want to see!