Friday, January 13, 2012

Schulmädchen-Report - Christina Lindberg SuperTrip!

Wow...I'm almost through the Impulse Pictures Schoolgirl Report releases and can't wait to put down some thoughts on them here, but first-a little image break.  I just love Christina Lindberg and she has an insane scene in #4.  So, for my pal Bob Sargent (whose VIDEOOZE hooked me on Thriller-A Cruel Picture)--here is a little bit of those scenes.
Question for all you disc owners, jump to 1:12 and 30 seconds and watch for a bit. Does Christina examining the goods seem cut to you?  That is a pretty jarring hop in the image.



Daniel Camargo said...

Just outstanding!

SPAM Alternative said...

I fucking love her. She's definitely the image of "Vintage" I have in my mind.

About the question I kind of think just like u. The scene seems to have been cut.