Thursday, April 14, 2011

Face of Eve - SAVAGE! SEXY! SWEET!

The Face of Eve is one worth looking at...and the rest ain't bad at all either!!  Harry Alan Towers swings into the Jungle Girl genre with this entertaining and surprisingly well cast adventure.  Written by Towers, it is a completely by the numbers tale that includes lots of groovy cliches spun in flesh and animal skin bikini fun. 

The Tale of the Bikini Bottom Tape
EVE Swings on vines  +1
Lack of Monkey also known as LOW CHIM FACTOR  -1
Treasure Hunter Hero that manages to both bungle and woo the girl  +2
Chubby sidekick that doesn't know how to button the bottom of his shirt  +1
ANGRY NATIVES capture hunter leaving him requiring assistance -1
EVE assists...with a whip!!  +4
Intrigue and a sexy fake Eve pretending to be Christopher Lee's daughter  +1
Treasure hunting +1
CAT FIGHT (see bottom of post) +10
The attempt to civilize Eve ends badly +1
Unique ANGRY NATIVE cooking methods involving swinging cage over fire with beautiful Jungle Girl inside.  +12
EVE remains in her clothing, no matter how skimpy  -2
Christopher Lee devours scenery, script and the viewers disbelief +1
Celeste Yarnall +5
Herbert Lom +2
Christopher Lee doing wheelchair stunts +2

The positives squash the negatives here, even with the fully clothed factor in play.  This reminded me much more of a Sheena comic from Fiction House than Tarzana The Wild Girl by a mile.  Pretty much everything you could ask for is done and done well with a good cast and crew, even frequent Jess Franco cinematographer Manuel Marino is on hand for the fun.  If only Eve had met THE DEVIL HUNTER!
Highly recommended for those who like a little Jungle Action with their beautiful babe films.

Now this font should be called JUNGLE GIRL!!

Enter Eve...needs more monkey.

Hungry natives are looking for a quickfire challenge...but wait, here comes the secret ingredient.

Treasure Hunter served 4 ways coming up!

Our hero is no pushover...but when things get tough in swings...

The Awesome Eve!!

Seriously, this is a Golden Age Comics panel come to life!

Hmmm...looks like we have a side dish that...



So big fella...pack your knives and leave.


"Yes...I'd just grab that treasure if I felt like walking for what Towers is paying me."

Faux Eve is EVIL!

Jungle Girl on the menu...Time for some SHAKE AND BAKE!!



Ah, the scenic vistas of...CATFIGHT!!!

Iger Studios would be proud! 

"I didn't want to have to keep kicking ass, I'm glad you brought your sweaty pal to carry all that treasure!"

"Well, that ain't good, but hey friend...don't move that hat."

"I'm determined we will escape the..."

"uhh...what was that sound?"

"Phew...human shield!!"

"I'm on my way...set me free...home sweet..."

"hooooooooooooooooooo FUUUUUUUU"



"And I thought playing Dracula sucked...well, at least I get to die in this one. I hope you enjoyed my master class in ham!"


David said...

Ouch, a catfight on hard rocks. Celeste Yarnall is mega hawt!

Anonymous said...

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