Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paura Productions takes you to THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY

While I am incredibly excited to go to Chiller Theater in a month in order to attend the latest Paura Productions shindig that brings the cast of the great DEMONS together, as well as Claudio "MONSTER DOG!" Fragasso, I was a bit bummed out to miss this weekends reunion of House By The Cemetery.
Ya see...House is the one. I think it is Fulci's best film, and one of the great horror films.  Sigh.  A man can't do everything.
But thanks to Paura Ps, you CAN have something unique to celebrate the film.  Check out this auction for an astounding print that feels like having the coolest and most unique imported image gallery (it reminds me of a Thai poster slammed with the brilliance of the Japanese VHS designers)...and it is signed by FIVE cast members. 

Nuff said.  Bid. Get a piece of the HOUSE!!  Be sure to support Paura Productions and try to get to these shows when possible.  See ya in the Metropol!


Malibu Express said...

Man, that is crazy cheap for something that cool (well, currently crazy cheap).

Agreed that House is one of Fulci's best - and certainly his most atmospheric - but damned if Giovanni Frezza didn't come this close to killing the whole thing for me. You'd think that Manhattan Baby would have been enough of that kid.

The scene where he keeps almost getting it with the axe, what a tease.

- Aaron

David said...

Had my birthday recently and represented in my House by the Cemetery t-shirt. My favorite Fulci film and possibly my favorite Italian Horror film of all time.

R.S. Sterling said...

I watched this for the first time last week. I really enjoyed it, but I just didn't get what the deal with the babysitter was. Why was she cleaning up the blood?