Monday, March 07, 2011

CineMoment of the Day! The birth of MARK GREGORY!

I am astonished that every man, woman and child has not been issued a copy of the awesome ADAMO ED EVA-La prima storia d'amore!  THIS is cinema worth seeking out.  I'll write a review, but anyone that loves oddball stars of Eurotrash Cinema will dig the opening of the film as the world is created and a giant placenta is torn open and out comes TRASH himself, Mark Gregory!  Enjoy this little recap as Adam is born and the story of the world begins. What follows this is...incredible and bizarre and wonderful.  Perhaps the strangest "bible" story of all!

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Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

And of course it is the first review in Tough To Kill ... Avery difficult VHS to obtain as well. Never seen this on tape anywhere before or since attaining a big box vhs & keeping it safe ever since.
Now if only Mark Gregory could be re-born today !!!.