Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tomb Of Dracula Dairies...Entry 1

For 2011 I've been wanting to clear out my shelves of "To Be" piles...and the biggest project starts now!  One shelf in my home that sags under the weight of sheer awesome is the one that holds the 3 Marvel Omnibus editions of what I think is the best comic of the 70s, TOMB OF DRACULA.  I've had the first volume for a long time and have leafed through it.  Read it in bits. Well, then I picked up #2. And this year the massive 900 page #3 landed.  Uncensored versions of the Dracula black and white material as well as some color Frankenstein issues were an instant lure. But no. I shall read them in order.
Tomb of Dracula is one of my favorite comics experiences throughout my reading life.  The artwork! The characters! A brain in a jar!!!  But I've never tried it all at once.  Will it hold up? Will nostalgia have a stake driven through it's black little shriveled heart?  I doubt it, but I also know that this will be a unique experience.  The Omnibus editions look amazing. Comparing them to the original comics in spots, it is astonishing the level of care put to this task of reprinting the horror comic that truly defined EPIC in the 1970s for me.
It is a large, and incredibly heavy (look at the bed those are on sag!), task-but I shall make 2011 the year of the DracLash!
And I shall report here to you, my journal.  I know that madness lies ahead.


Paul Cooke aka Buckaroobanzai said...

Wow, those Hardback Tomes are Excellent. Volume 1 has rocketed in collectable value too. Seems you need to have around $200 - $300 to get close to grabbing this 'Sucker'. Nicely secured David :) .
I have just bought the paperback edition of Vol 1 for about $16 brand new, to check it out on your recommendation right here.

Fra Moretta said...

Lucky!"Tomb of Dracula" is one of my favorite comics of all times but in Italy the last edition is too old.I need to buy the omnibus.
P.S.Marvel comics has pubblished two omnibus on "Vampire Tales".