Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Mangled Media Gift Guide! Unleash the SAVAGE!

More bulk comics for the nerd in your life!  Nothing speaks to a man like Conan, and there is no finer comics collection of our favorite bashing, smashing, fighting and fucking Barbarian than THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN.  While I'm still pining for the trades of the standard Marvel series in color, for sheer value and volume you can not beat the deal just one of these books provides. By Crom's Codpiece, you must give these as gifts to anyone that will sit for hours and stare longingly into one of the most vivid action comics of their time!

Volume 1 is the obvious starting point, and right out of the gate it is Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith's classic adaptation of The Frost Giant's Daughter.  Fans treasure the Smith run, and there are 117 pages of it here.  A really nice Jim Starlin story surprised me next.  And happens.  When I think Conan I don't think Smith. I don't even think *GASP* Frazetta.
John Buscema. Black and White. Conan unleashed!  Roy Thomas and John Buscema form the core of Savage Sword, and a variety of inkers add unique stamps all through the run.  Conan wanders, slaughters and conquers the will of his foes and the flesh of a horde of Hyborian harlots and princesses! 
And the fun doesn't are treated to many Thomas adaptations and originals while feasting your eyes on Smith, Buscema, Chan, Starlin, Maroto, Marcos, Alcala, Trinidad, Nino, Kane, Nebres, Mayerik and MORE! 

Be not a craven cur!!!  Get to Amazon and buy these under 20 dollar delights of devastation for the ones you love right now!!! 


Douglas A. Waltz said...

I am an epic Conan fan. Actually, anything by Robert E. Howard in book or comic book form. I had the run of Savage Sword magazines back in the day. I wish they would do an Essentials of either Red Sonja or Solomon Kane. I would snatch those up immediately.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Here ya go!

And there is a KULL volume as well.
Dynamite MANGLED the Red Sonja reprints beyond belief. I don't know if they will ever go the B/W route, I wish they would.

Jack J said...

I own everything CONAN that was released here in the 70s but I need these too. *Homer Simpson drool*

AndyDecker said...

Normally I am all for reprints, but compared to the colour reprints of Conan the Barbarian I thought the Savage Sword a bit disappointing.

No foreword, no afterword. I fully understand they had to re-size the art, but why reproduce the spectacular covers even smaller? SSC would have deserved a little more effort.

I have the adapation of "Red Nails" by Windsor-Smith and Thomas in is oversized Marvel Treasury Edition incarnation. Absolutly wonderful!