Friday, December 31, 2010


The last day of 2010 brings the "Movies Watched" list to completion!  Some busy months, some amazing views and very few total duds. I definitely came off of the Peplum high that ended 2009, watching only a few and mixing things up going back towards more "trashy" viewing.  The more obscure was of interest also, watching films like WEB OF SILENCE-AIDS (I really should review that) and GIANT OF THE EVIL ISLAND.
Also enjoyed another run through of the TV print of YOR quite a bit and 2010 is the year I finally saw TIGER GANG, a Kommissar X outing that may not be the best, but made me feel really sad that it was the final one.
The Albert Pyun run was great as well! One day I'll get to running a blogathon called ULTIMATE KUMITE KRASH!!  I fell back in love with cyborg kickboxing tournament movies this year.  How can you not love such a simple concept?
I also finally found not only the uncensored version of Being Captured (fansubbed no less...Baron Corvo will give you the best of the sex mad midgets!) but also the missing Baron Corvo CLASSICK Pat, A Particular Woman.  An unholy grail was finally found and it was...unique. Distressing. Masterful. 

But the ultimate winner of "best in shows" of 2010 was, hands down, a film I'd seen many times before.  Grails found. Runs of shows watched.  Spys, heroes, villains, killers, cowboys, kickboxers, cyborg kickboxers, monster sharks and breasty evil queens were all fantastic. BUT...there was PIECES.  Three times.
I don't know about you, but I watched 259 films and a host of TV series (Fist of the Blue Sky was a real pleasure-a weird spin off from Fist of the North Star)...but I also watched almost all of them alone.  Would I really want to sit with friends and feel my "temperature" rise while wearing 3D glasses and watching Christina Lindberg spread some LOVE IN 3-D?  The headache was worth it.
But PIECES, now that is a party. Once you have seen it you are truly fucked for all other films.  Entertaining. Gory. Silly. Bone Headed. "Bad Chop Suey so long." "Baaaastaaaaaaaard!! BAAAASTARRRRD!!"

I watched it with my wife, who has probably got cult cinema radiation syndrome from having these around her so much. She laughed and smiled instead of leaving the room.  This was great!  Feeling her laughter and cringing, right before my could have been the greatest present of all. We watched it with friends who had never really seen the kind of films I treasure so much.  Well, they had, but not PIECES. The king of 'em all.  Their enjoyment was a blast to share. Honestly it was quite amazing. It was like living, for the brief running time of the film, the same thrill I get posting on this little blog, almost 700 posts in, Tomb It May Concern.   It was like a Casual (un)Dress Friday for my film loving soul... And hey, when you watch a flick with a pornolinguist and follow it up with Vampyres-you know you had a pretty good year of film mayhem.  MMmmmmhmmm.

I do this blog because I love sharing my passions. These are them. You have any questions about any of these cine-sinning at all, just ask!  One you want a review of?  Ask.  I'll probably try to do one anyway.
Have a great end of this year, a better start to the next and by ALL MEANS....enjoy what you enjoy to the fullest.  ALL HAIL THE MAGNIFICENCE OF ALFONSO BRESCIA SPACE FILMS!!
-From the Tomb and your computer screen,
David Z

*Ratings note-These are not empircal. They are the fun factor of THAT particular viewing*


Lady Frankenstein  -9
Night of the Executioner (Paul Naschy Death Wish) -7
Black Metal Satanica (Scandinavian Death Metal Doc) -4
Goldsnake (Ferdinando Baldi) -6
Steel Frontier (PM Entertainment -"Django The Road Warrior") -7
The Magnificent Gladiator (Brescia with Mark Forest) -4
War Goddess (Terence Young Nude Amazon Wrestling film!) -6
Offspring (Ketchum) -8
Nude Girl Found Dead In Park (Brescia) -6
Il Mondo di Yor (Television version) -10
Agent 505-Death Trap Beirut -9
Last House on the Left (2009) -5
Overrun (Mario Siciliano w/ Kirk Morris) - 6
Tharus, Son of Attila-6 (Lisa Gastoni)-5
Diabolical Dr. Z - 9
The Bastard (Gemma / Kinski)-7
SL8N8 / Slaughter Night -5
Delirio Caldo (French Version)-8
Two Males For Alexa (Rosalba Neri in SAW?)-6
Raiders of the Sun - 8
My Bloody Valentine (Remake)-8
Ragnatella del silenzio - aids / Web of Silence-Aids -7
Don't Wake The Dead -Schnaas Rating
Caged Women - Lucchetti -10
Abbot White - 7


The Arena (2001) - 6
Black Belt Jones - 8
Pat, una donna particolare - 7 + Corvo
Buio Omega -10
Planet Hulk -7
Saw VI -7
Gli invincibili fratelli Maciste -8
The Arena (1972)-7
Thunder -8
Thunder 2 - 7
Pieces -10
Thunder 3 -5
Vampiro--Devil, Angel, Hero -7
The Jail (Mattei)-10
The Big Doll House -8
Il terzo occhi -7
La Mansion de la niebla / Murder Mansion -6
Eye in the Labyrinth - 7
Le evase - Storie di sesso e di violenze 8
Arizona Road -4
War of the Colossal Beast -8
Babysitter - 8 + Corvo
Vendetta of Lady Morgan-7
Crazy Killer / Massacres -8
Satanic Crystals-8
Fists, Pirates and Karate (Super 8 edition)-5
Deceit (Albert Pyun)-7


Tiger Gang (Kommissar X 7) - 8
Ninja - 8
Giant of the Evil Island -7
Hunter of the Unknown-8
Transmorphers-Fall of Man-3
Five Element Ninja - 10
Second Skin -6
The Base -5
Bulletface-8  Commentary-9
Left For Dead -7
Nemesis 2-7
Nemesis 3-5
Nemesis 4-5
Price of Death-7
13th Is A Judas-7
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold-7
Price of Power-7
They Call Him Graveyard-6
Kickboxer 2:The Road Back-7
Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor-6
Bora Bora-5 (Italian only, no subs)
Wrecking Crew-5
Urban Menace-5
American Cyborg-Steel Warrior-7
TC 2000-7
Kung Fu Zombie-10
Kung Fu Wonder Child-10


Fight! Dragon-10 (complete series)
Nemesis (Dir.Cut)-9
Class of 1999 -8
Adrenalin:Fear The Rush (98 minute version)-8
Desert Kickboxer -7
The Stranger-7
Pieces -10
Class of 1999 2-6
Delirium: Photos of Goia-7
Raging Master's of Tiger Crane-5
Mikadroid: Robokill Beneath Disco Club Layla -7
Dynamo - 9
Massacre In Dinosaur Valley-10
Prince of Terror-6 (with a 10 finale)
Caraibi (Lamberto Bava) 7


Nightmare City-10
Demons 2 -6
Monster Shark-7
The Man Who Didn't Want To Die 5
Play Motel - 7
Exterminators of the Year 3000 -7
Venus of Ille -7
You'll Die At Midnight-7
Three For One -9
The Ogre -6
Strip Nude For Your Killer-10
Super Gang (Bruce Le)-4
Black Cat (Jade Leung)-8
Dinner With The Vampire-7
Per Sempre-8
Bloody Parrot -9
Triangular Duel-7
Princess of Mars-4
Fantaghiro Series 1-9
Miracle Fighters-9
Antena Criminal-7


Fantaghiro Series 2 8
Maison de filles perdue 5
City of the Living Dead (BD)
Demons 10
Three Faces of Fear 6
Les Demoniaques - 8
Blood Ceremony-8
Sukeban Deka 2-7
Taste The Blood of Dracula 8
Il gioko / School of Fear 7
Eyewitness (Bava) 7
The Barbarians 6
Rec 2 -9


Tiger Cage -8
Angel Terminators 2 -7
Throne of Fire 7
Iron Warrior -7
Thor The Conquerer 6
Encounters In The Deep 4
Sangraal, Barbarian Master 8
Brennus:Enemy of Rome-7
Pieces -10
Time of the Apes-7
Burning Lips-5
Nick Carter License to Kill-7
Vampires Night Orgy-8
Bakterion / Panic-5
Zodiac Fighters -8
Blood Games -8
Coffy -8
Killer Calibre .32-7
New Godfathers-5
Fist of the Blue Sky (Episodes 1-5) 7


Fist of the Blue Sky 6-26 7
Primal Rage 7
Hunters Blood 5
Fist of the North Star 10
Altar 6
Death In A Red Jaguar 8
Wired To Kill -6
Cross Current 8
Shark's Cave-7
Vampyres -10
Absolon -6
Death Laid An Egg -8
Emmanuelle And The Last Cannibals -8
Killer Reserved 9 Seats -7
Mafia Vs. Ninja TV part 1 -7
Mafia Vs. Ninja TV part 2-9
Mafia Vs. Ninja TV part 3 -10
Satanik -7
Avenger X - 6


Revelations of a psychiatrist in the perverse world of sex - Polselli rating.
Kick Ass-8
Edge of the Axe 6
Golden Lady7
Love in 3D 10 and a headache
Kikaida 3D
Incontro Nell' Ultimo Paradiso -5
Deadly Manor -5
Enter The Shootfighter 7
Django The Bastard 9
Rest In Pieces 6
Galaxy of Terror 8
Operation Pink Squad 6
Ninja Hunter 8
Forbidden World 10
Ninja In The Claws of CIA 9
Chinese Stuntman 8
Pod People 8
Ninja Mission 10
Tough Ninja 7
Bionic Ninja 6
Starcrash 10
Forbidden World 10
Super Chan 9
Burial Ground 10
Savage Inmates 7
Golden Queens Commando 10


Demons 6 : De Profundis 8
Caltiki 8
It's Alive 3-Island of the Alive 7
Piranha 2-The Spawning 7
Cross Of Seven Jewels 9
Sorority House Massacre 2 -8
Witch Story 7
Baron Blood 9
Land of the Minotaur / Devil's Men 8
Terror Circus / Barn of the Naked Dead 7
Horror Show 9
The Ghoul 6
To The Devil, A Daughter 9
Horrible Dr. Hitchcock 9
The Ghost 8
Vampire and the Ballerina 8
The Thirsty Dead 6
Curse of the Crimson Altar 7
Fascination 8
Beast 4
Tales From The Crypt 7
The Crazies 8
Night of the Bloody Apes 10
Zombie / I Eat Your Skin 6


They Call Her...Cleopatra Wong! 9
One Armed Executioner 8
Wild Wild Planet 10
Naked Fist 9
Dynamite Johnson 8
Angel Fist 7
Susanne 9
Cosa Nostra Asia 7
Nana 7
Force Five 7
Hard Sensation 6
Heroes for Hire 7
Sparrow Unit 9
Battle Beyond The Stars 7
Cannibal Apocalypse 9
Robocop 3 4
The Dragon, The Lizard and The Boxer 6

Eva Man 8
Alien 2 On Earth 9
El Sexo esta Loco 7
Master Samurai 7
Shaolin Vs. Black Magic 7
Swamp Of The Ravens 8
Mil sexos tiene la noche 9
Coplan FX 18 7


Brian said...

You're a madman DZ! Honestly, not intending to sound like a stalker or anything but you were one of my biggest influences in me embracing my passion for cult cinema. For years I was uncomfortable with people knowing how much I loved it, it was bad enough they knew I loved horror.

After working with you, talking with you and reading your pages for a few years now, it's been an honor to know you and you've been an indispensable wealth of information and recommendations.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog....but I like it!

This post especially hit home with me. Great list of CLASSICS.

I lost my wife to cancer this year and the part of this post that hit the bullseye of my heart is reading the part about sharing it with your wife and her laughing and enjoying it being the best present you could receive.

After 37 years of marriage and then losing her....I can tell you these are the treasures. We all have rough times (financial, hardships and scares with our kids, good and bad times in our relationships as husband and wife) but these are the times that we should always use as a touchstone when those other times crop up.

I see by your profile you list "dad" as your job. Your wife and your kids together are your greatest treasure. Always remember that and you will all have along happy loving life together. No matter what curveballs and hurdles the Lord puts in front of you.

All the best to you in 2011...and please keep this blog going. I am really enjoying it.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Thanks to both of you...Brian, I always look forward to your utterly unique view and expressions of them!

And to the poster whose name I don't know...thank you. Your words mean a lot to me, and have come at a time when I truly needed them. The most amazing part of simply putting material out there is that sometimes you get back far more than you feel you could ever put out.

Now...lets find something strange and dig in!!

mopic said...

Great blog! The thing you wrote on Pieces, I can only agree one of my favorite movies ever.
The reason I got here was because of googling on Japanese LD covers and found the link where you posted the covers of Beyond etc. Saw you where looking for the cover of the Japanese LD of Gates of Hell. Still interested in it? I got it...

Douglas A. Waltz said...

Okay, I've seen 42 of these. Not too bad for me.

Jack J said...