Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deeper Insertion...DVD Inserts Day 2

And the DVD insert celebration continues!!  Mattei! Anulka! Emmanuelle! 

VAMPYRES!  Can't beat that...

Emmanuelle in America - love the use of the sprockets.

Anthropophaous 2000...Iron Maiden reference.


Killer Barbys from Shriek Show...I like the design and font on this one.

Cool foldout for Las Edades De Lulu

The use of THE RIFFS style guys inside the title is cool.

Toy Box is great, but TOYS ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN is a classick film...and a great insert!


R.S. Sterling said...

I've been curious about Killer Barbys for some time. Is it any good?

Neil Fulwood said...

Love the fold-out for 'The Ages of Lulu'.