Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christina Lindberg Wall Posters

Once you get me started on Christina Lindberg and her...presence...well, I just can't stop. Check out these three WALL POSTERS!  Sadly, I never owned one of these on my door, but it would have been a great weight loss tool when I was sitting at home drinking chocolate shakes and watching movies as a younger man.  That first!!


Neil Fulwood said...

Any one of those posters would look great on a wall or the back of a door ... not that Mrs F would allow it!

R.S. Sterling said...

These were a foreign only release I assume?

Anonymous said...

The great top one was titled "The Flirt" by Siwer Ohlsson and sold in London, apparently printed in Sweden. I have a damaged copy of it, I had it sellotaped to my door! Then one day I hit it and caused a small hole. Wish I could find a mint conditon copy. Thanks to David Zuzelo for uploading a scan though, I will try to print this out. Christinafan